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Angiography (Neuro)


Neuro Intervention

Diagnosis and intravascular treatment of cerebral vessels

  • ■ Two types of C-arm systems are available, depending on the amount of space available for installation and the ceiling height at the site.
  • ■ The multiaxis type allows the C-arm to be moved freely, providing a spacious work area for the surgeon and sufficient space for placing anesthesia equipment etc.


Dr. Hendrik Fransen
Neurology Interventions using Toshiba Medical Infinix-i

INFX-8000V Biplane

  • Multiaxis floor-mounted system
  • Biplane
  • 30cm × 40cm FPD (frontal arm) / 30cm × 30cm FPD (lateral arm),
    30cm × 30cm FPD (frontal/lateral arm)
  • The multiaxis floor mounted frontal arm is provided with a 30cm × 30cm (or 30cm × 40cm) FPD, and the ceiling-suspended lateral arm has a 30cm × 30cm FPD.
  • Toshiba Medical unique 30cm × 30cm FPD provides the most optimum field size for cerebral treatment.
  • The combination of the 30cm × 30cm FPD for frontal/lateral arm provides a sufficient viewing area and minimum SID during intravascular treatment of cerebral vessels which can save the patient dose.
  • Toshiba Medical's unique and flexible multiaxis mechanism provides ample space for placing anesthesia equipment or an ultrasound system near the head of the patient.
  • Neuro, General, and Universal options are available to support diagnosis and treatment in the head and abdomen. Toshiba Medical's 3D angiography function permits the reconstruction mode to be selected from among multiple options according to the specific clinical objective, minimizing the acquisition time and providing high-quality 3D images. In addition, Low Contrast Imaging (LCI), a cone beam CT application for the visualization of soft tissues, is available for the diagnosis of not only the vascular system but also the entire body.