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Digital Radiography

RADREX-i is an innovative digital radiography system that covers a wide range of clinical needs with 43 x 43 cm large field FPD and 43 x 36 cm portable wireless FPD. It enables accurate radiography through simple operation, minimizing the necessity for exposure repetition. It also provides an outstanding high workflow.

RADREX™-i FPD system

Conventional Radiography

An optimum system can be selected from a variety of systems, ranging from versatile premium systems to cost-effective basic systems, depending on the clinical objectives and available space in the examination room.


Digital Radiography

The FPD adopts the standard 37cm × 43cm cassette size, permitting easy installation in existing radiographic systems. A portable FPD and a digital processor support, enables a wide range of applications in a single-panel system that incorporates many automatic functions to minimize workload.

TFD-2010A to combine with RADREX
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