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Ultrasound (iSTYLE™)


What is iStyle™?

(Point1) High-quality LCD monitor & flexible arm

  • Flexible positioning of the monitor
  • Clear image display even in brightly lit rooms
  • Monitor can be moved out of sight when moving the system

LCD monitor

Clear image display even in a bright environment

Flexible arm with wide movable range

The grip handle on the front of the LCD monitor allows the user to move the monitor to the desired position.
This is advantageous when showing images to the patient to explain examination results.

High mobility

The system weight is lower compared to systems equipped with a CRT monitor.
When moving the system, the LCD monitor arm can be folded down to prevent the monitor blocking wide lines of sight.

(Point2) Streamlined workflow and Toshiba's exclusive technologies

  • Workflow editor iASSIST™
  • Customizable operating panel for comfortable use
  • Quick Scan optimizing image quality automatically at the touch of a button


The workflow editor improves the examination efficiency.
iASSIST™ controller enables remote control.

Customizable operating panel

The keys on the operating panel can be customized to suit your preference.

Quick Scan

The image quality over the entire screen can be optimized at the touch of a button.