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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A new world of MRI diagnosis
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic method in which a magnetic field and radio frequencies are employed to visualize internal structures, without the use of radiation. 
Toshiba's MRI systems feature proprietary Pianissimo™ noise-reduction technology, providing the industry's quietes examinations.
With outstanding diagnostic capabilitites, they also incorporate a patient-friendly design.

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Tomohisa Okada, MD, Ph.D
Advanced neuroimaging at 3T with a 32ch head coil
Diagnostics Imaging and Nuclear Medicine,
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, JAPAN

Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Lineup

Toshiba Medical’s Vantage Galan™ 3T offers a transformational experience for you and your patients in MR.
By prioritizing the patient experience, image quality and clinical workflow, Vantage Galan 3T is designed to surpass your expectations – all delivered in the smallest and quietest MR in its class.

Vantage Galan™ 3T

This 71 cm open-bore 3T MRI system meets clinical needs with Multi-Phase Transmission for superior image quality, Atlas SPEEDER™ for increased productivity, and many other advanced features. Powerful, precise, and comfortable, our 3T system provides diagnostic capabilities that are proven to be extremely useful for all MRI examinations.

Vantage Titan™ 3T

The Vantage Titan™ has a 71cm wide aperture, yet achieves a high level of magnetic field homogeneity, providing outstanding image quality without compromise. The system comes with new MRI examination standards, including Pianissimo™, a proprietary noise-reduction technology, and innovative imaging solutions using next-generation receiver coils.

Vantage Titan™

The Next Generation of 1.5T MRI which Maximizes Performance while Minimizing the Space required for installation.
There is no longer a need for compromises when choosing a new 1.5T MRI.
This new concept MRI system satisfies both user and patient demands at the highest level of imaging quality.
Vantage Elan is designed to minimize patients stress during MRI examinations through the use of Pianissimo™ Σ noise reduction technology.

Vantage Elan™

Non-contrast MRA

Non-contrast MRA

FBI is an angiography technique that eliminates the use of contrast medium. In conventional MR angiography, it is difficult to obtain clear views of small vessels in the extremities, but with FBI they can be clearly depicted. Images of the arteries and veins can be visualized separately without the administration of contrast medium, yielding highly valuable clinical information.

For patients about to receive an MRI examination:

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Rich clinical tools for patient imaging based on intuitive workflows that improve speed and ease of use.


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