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Low Dose

Minimize. Visualize.
Minimize. Visualize. By focusing on low dose, high-quality imaging technologies for accurate diagnosis and treatment, Toshiba continues to improve the quality of life for all people.
Minimizing the exposure dose to patients and medical staff while providing optimal images for diagnosis and treatment.
"Minimize. Visualize" represents this concept.
We introduce various technologies developed by Toshiba Medical based on this concept, and a history of product development.
Minimize. Visualize.


Dose reduction technologies in each modality

  • Low Dose Solution of CT Hardware
  • Low Dose Solution of CT Workflow
  • Low Dose Solution of CT Reconstruction
  • AIDR 3D / Advanced dose reduction technologies / Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D
  • Safety not only for the patient, but for all medical staff as well.
  • Low Dose Solution of X-ray Fluoroscopy
  • Low Dose Solution of X-ray Digital Imaging
  • Low Dose Solution of X-ray Dose Management


History of product development in each modality

  • History of CT dose reduction technologies
    Toshiba Medical offers a full suite of dose reduction technologies to improve patient safety while producing high-quality images for accurate diagnosis.
  • History of dose reduction technologies in X-ray angiography
    Toshiba Medical has been working to minimize exposure dose for the entire range of clinical examinations and procedures to ensure the safety and comfort of both the patient and the operator.