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Computed Tomography

Dynamic Volume Imaging
Helical and multislice imaging built great milestones in the history of CT. Toshiba Medical offers the next leap forward in CT technology that will revolutionize patient care; dynamic volume imaging.

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FIRST (Forward projected model-based Iterative Reconstruction SoluTion)
Adaptive Diagnostics / Solving Your Clinical Challenges, Only from Toshiba

Dynamic Volume CT

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition goes beyond the evolution of dynamic volume CT. Intensive clinically focused research and breakthrough technological developments have culminated in a CT system with industry-leading spatial resolution and reduced radiation dose requirements.
GENESIS Edition maximizes the patient experience during CT examinations, and through intelligent examination protocols, provides excellent image quality with low radiation and contrast dose tailored to each and every patient.

Aquilion ONE™ / GENESIS Edition

Introducing the Aquilion ONE / ViSION Edition - Providing robust clinical solutions for you and your patients when you need them most.
Aquilion ONE / ViSION enables successful examination of all patients, with the lowest possible exposure doses and the highest quality diagnostic outcomes. - FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.

Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition

Dynamic Volume CT arose from elimination of the concept in which data is acquired at different phases of patient couch movement to create virtual single phase images from composite data.
Aquilion ONE ushers in a new era in CT imaging.

Aquilion ONE™

Multislice CT

Aquilion PRIME incorporates cutting edge technologies that not only meet current clinical requirements, but can also serve as a new standard platform in the future. These new technologies make it possible to obtain high-quality clinical images with a low dose and also optimizing workflow.

Aquilion™ PRIME

Are you looking for a CT scanner that helps provide better care and safer imaging in a compact, affordable package?
The Aquilion Lightning is an 80 detector row scanner that delivers.
The system is designed to operate reliably and efficiently in a busy environment, producing high quality images.
Aquilion Lightning can be configured and in field upgraded from 40-80-160* slices.
Aquilion Lightning – a smart investment.

*coneXact™ double slice reconstruction
Aquilion™ Lightning 80

Aquilion / CXL presents the latest state of technological innovation in Multi Slice CT technology. With the new coneXact algorithm the Aquilion / CXL is able to generate 128 unique slices per rotation with more detail then ever before.

Aquilion™ / CXL Edition

The Aquilion / RXL 16 detector row CT system delivers routine low-dose scans for each patient in a wide variety of clinical examinations with lightning reconstruction speed and unsurpassed workflow. The system is designed to comfortably handle the pace in the busiest of departments, and will be able to continue meeting healthcare demands well into the future.

Aquilion™ / RXL Edition

Aquilion Lightning delivers premium performance in a compact system which employs the latest CT technologies developed for Aquilion ONE and Aquilion PRIME to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision-making.

Aquilion Lightning™

With outstanding image quality in all diagnostic routines and oncology related applications, the Aquilion LB is the first Wide Field CT scanner with a 70 cm scan field and a 90 cm wide bore, increasing diagnostic anatomical coverage for optimized diagnosis and treatment.

Aquilion™ LB

Multislice CT

Alexion / Advance Edition is a CT system featuring Toshiba Medical's exclusive, industry-leading Quantum Detector technology, the 16 row Alexion / Advance Edition incorporates 0.5 mm detector technology for acquiring true isotropic voxels.

Alexion™ / Advance Edition

In response to a wide-variety of customer needs, Toshiba Medical has developed the new Alexion CT, which delivers high performance multislice capabilities in a compact and affordable design.


Built on the successful 16-row Alexion platform, Alexion / Access Edition sets a new standard in Toshiba Medical's entry-level multislice CT range with next-generation dose reduction technology, easy operation, and advanced applications.

Alexion™ / Access Edition

Low Dose Solution of CT

With ALARA at the heart of its CT design process, Toshiba Medical is focused on developing technologies to minimize the amount of radiation needed to obtain diagnostic images of the highest quality.

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Powerful 2D, 3D and 4D images for applications addressing cardiovascular, neurovascular and oncology disease states.


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