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Computed Tomography (Aquilion™ PRIME [feature])

Aquilion™ PRIME[feature]
New Standard for the Future
160-slice CT scanner
Aquilion™ PRIME

Aquilion™ PRIME incorporates cutting edge technologies that not only meet current clinical requirements, but can also serve as a new standard platform in the future. These new technologies make it possible to obtain high-quality clinical images with a low dose and also optimizing workflow.
In addition to supporting all routine examinations, the system comes with advanced clinical applications to meet a wide variety of clinical requirements.

Global CT Event at RSNA2012
"Lowering Dose and Improving Workflow with Aquilion PRIME 160"
Steven D. Wolff, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology and Medicine, Columbia University

Ultra low dose examination

Aquilion PRIME incorporates Toshiba's latest technologies to reduce exposure dose, while maintaining high image quality.


Ultra fast workflow

Aquilion PRIME ensures fast data to diagnosis that meets the requirements of increasingly complex examinations and accelerate the process of providing the information you need to make treatment decisions.

Ultra fast workflow

onefamily application

The sophisticated suite of clinical applications that have been developed for Aquilion ONE™ are also incorporated into Aquilion PRIME, providing streamlined post processing.

Aquilion PRIME Site
Learn more about the Aquilion PRIME at www.aquilionprime.com.