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Computed Tomography (Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition)

Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition
Dynamic Volume CT Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition

Introducing the Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition - Providing robust clinical solutions for you and your patients when you need them most. Aquilion ONE / ViSION enables successful examination of all patients, with the lowest possible exposure doses and the highest quality diagnostic outcomes. - FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.

RSNA 2015 TOSHIBA MEDICAL private CT and MR seminar "Expanding the boundaries of CT and MR"

"Redefining ALARA with Iterative Reconstruction"

"Redefining ALARA with Iterative Reconstruction"
Alain Blum M.D.
Professor, Chief of Radiology,
Service d’lmagerie Guilloz, CHU Nancy, Nancy, France


The Aquilion ONE /ViSION hosts a suite of unique clinical applications that streamline patient pathways and contribute to reductions in healthcare expenditure.


Your patient's safety is our top priority.
Innovations in our hardware and software have been designed to protect your patient throughout the entire examination.


Toshiba's ViSION for the welfare of your patients extends beyond the scan room.
Patient comfort and ease of use have been in the forefront during the design of the Aquilion ONE /ViSION. Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and unique hybrid drive technology contribute to the wellbeing of future generations.


Do more with less time using advanced reconstruction and visualization technology designed to streamline workflow and time to diagnosis. Integration of a suite of advanced technologies ensures that high throughput can be maintained while delivering consistent, high-quality examinations.


Tailor your CT system to meet your clinical needs, now or in the future.
Leading clinical research in emerging applications for dynamic volume imaging has resulted in the development of unique software applications. From acquisition to analysis and diagnosis with smart, simple, and sophisticated packages, your future with Aquilion ONE /ViSION will continue to evolve.

Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition Site
Learn more about the Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition at www.aquilionvision.com.