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Computed Tomography (Aquilion ONE™ / GENESIS Edition Overview)

Transforming CT Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition
Transforming CT Aquilion ONE™ / ViSION Edition

GENESIS Edition sets a new standard in CT delivering higher quality examinations for superior diagnostic confidence in a patient centric and cost conscious design.

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Aquilion ONE™ / GENESIS Edition goes beyond the evolution of dynamic volume CT. Intensive clinically focused research and breakthrough technological developments have culminated in a CT system with industry-leading spatial resolution and reduced radiation dose requirements.

GENESIS Edition maximizes the patient experience during CT examinations, and through intelligent examination protocols, provides excellent image quality with low radiation and contrast dose tailored to each and every patient.

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Transforming clinical confidence
GENESIS Edition transforms the way you think about MBIR with FIRST.
FIRST is the world’s first fully integrated MBIR solution designed for routine clinical workflow. Rated to perform up to 82% less dose, FIRST produces sharp image detail for a safer and more confident diagnosis.
In just 3 minutes, FIRST performs a full volume reconstruction.


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Transforming patient experience
A world first Area Finder using laser collimation, provides the ease of X-ray in CT.
An entire scan can now be performed right at the gantry, making examinations faster and more comfortable for the patient.
And with the open flared gantry design, the patient can remain calm and at ease for the duration of the scan.


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Transforming your workspace
Genesis Edition is smaller, lighter and requires less power. Designed for an installation space of just 19 m2, GENESIS Edition can be installed in most existing CT rooms, reducing costly renovations.
And with a wide range of pre- and user-defined protocols, rapid and robust results can be achieved simplifying your workflow.