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Computed Tomography (Alexion™ / Advance Edition [feature])

Alexion™ / Advance Edition [feature]
Maximum Performance, Minimum Space
Multislice CT System
Alexion™ / Advance Edition

Alexion / Advance Edition is a CT system featuring Toshiba's exclusive, industry-leading Quantum Detector technology, the 16 row Alexion / Advance Edition incorporates 0.5 mm detector technology for acquiring true isotropic voxels. The 0.5 mm detector elements (the smallest in current CT technology) provide razor-sharp images, ensuring fast and accurate diagnosis in all parts of the body with a lower exposure dose.

Next-generation dose reduction technology

Reducing the radiation dose to patients is a primary focus for Toshiba Medical which is why Alexion / Advance Edition incorporates the very latest dose reduction technology in the standard configuration.


Powerful Performance

Alexion / Advance Edition is designed with the latest in hardware, software and reconstruction technology to keep pace with a busy work load.

Powerful Performance

Easy installation and great cost performance

Alexion / Advance Edition is easy to use and easy to install. The time and effort for installation has been reduced to minimize downtime at your institution.

Easy installation and great cost performance