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Message from the President

President's Message

Toshio Takiguchi

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support.

I would like to share my thoughts now that six months has passed since Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation officially joined the Canon group. On April 1 of this year, I was appointed as a senior corporate executive of Canon. On the same day, Canon established the Medical Business Headquarters and I was also appointed to serve as the head of the organization. I will continue my efforts to maximize the synergies of our integration in order to further develop the healthcare business, which is an important part of Canon's growth vision.

We are currently working on various internal and external procedures related to the change of the company name scheduled to occur at the beginning of next year. At the same time, we have started several projects aimed at incorporating some of Canon's advanced production technologies at our production sites in order to improve operational efficiency and manufacture even higher quality products. We are also in the process of considering as many as 50 projects aimed at the development and commercialization of new technologies created by integrating some of Canon and our advanced technologies. We are going to catalyze this integration in order to create new synergies in technology and accelerate the delivery of innovations based on these synergies to our customers.

Our company is undergoing its greatest change since its foundation. We are treating this change and transformation as an opportunity for evolution and advancement, and are proactively using this opportunity to work together coherently on various internal activities to create a strong and vibrant corporate culture.

We receive feedback from patients commenting on their experience during exams. This plays a fundamental part in how we continuously consider the role that we must play as a medical systems development company in maximizing patient comfort & in our products offering the best possible patient experience.

Under our management slogan "Made for Life", with all of us in the TMSC group working in unity based on shared values, we will continue to move forward together with our customers in order to contribute to medical care throughout the world.

Toshio Takiguchi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation