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Message from the President

President's Message

Toshio Takiguchi

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support in using Toshiba Medical products. I would like to share my thoughts as a new fiscal year has now begun.

Three months have passed since Toshiba Medical officially joined the Canon group. In order to maximize the synergies of our integration, Toshiba Medical and Canon have been engaged in productive discussions.

Toshiba Medical aims to provide clinical solutions that enable more accurate diagnosis, improve workflow to allow highly efficient medical practice, and assist in hospital management by reducing the economic cost for medical facilities installing our systems. By incorporating various Canon strengths (such as precision mechanical design, processing technology, sensor technology, and image processing technology) in our product development, manufacturing, and servicing, Toshiba Medical will continue to work hard to provide products with high added value and further contribute to healthcare based on our management philosophy "Made for Life".

Toshiba Medical has always aimed to provide higher clinical value by developing technologies to enable early detection of diseases and by reducing the burden on the patient. Demonstrating our pursuit of technologies that achieve high-precision imaging, Toshiba Medical will exhibit a variety of new products together with an abundance of clinical data at this year's ITEM2017 (International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2017), which will be held from April 14 to 16. This year, Toshiba Medical's exhibition theme is "Together, we complete the image". We think of "image" as having two meanings: "diagnostic imaging" and "future image of better medical practice". We welcome you to our booth to experience these two "image" concepts.

Made For life

Toshio Takiguchi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation